Songjiang upgrades tourism with rich resources

Songjiang plans to develop "tourism plus industry" to boost local economy through integrating tourism with urban life, commerce, exhibition, culture, sports, agriculture, industry and creative industries.

As the cradle of Shanghai, Songjiang has abundant tourism resources. Among them Sheshan resort plays a leading role. The old town and the new town are the two highlights. Punan area has developed a complete system of agro ecological tourism.

Moreover, rural tourism is popular in recent years. According to incomplete statistics, rural tourism scenic sites in Songjiang attracted 1.29 million visitors last year and generated 146 million yuan (US$21.67 million) of business income.

Songjiang owns conservation forests of the Huangpu River, wide field, clean air and hot springs. The district is also famous for its rice paddies, varieties of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Four grill perch, hairy crab and soft rice cake are well-known local specialties.

Advanced agricultural facilities, seasonal festivals and well preserved villages and farms are all advantages for Songjiang to develop its tourism industry.