Songpu Bridge renovation nears completion

The renovation of Songpu Bridge, including renewal of its lighting facility, is nearing completion, according to the Shanghai Transport Commission.

Songpu Bridge, the first bridge across the Huangpu River, is about to face the public with its brand new look.

Located in the southeast of Songjiang District, the bridge connects Cheting Highway and Jinshan railway branch line. Construction for it started in April 1974 and the bridge opened to traffic on June 29, 1976.

To cultivate another landmark in Shanghai, the city launched a facelift of the bridge, including renewing its lighting facility. Renovation plan focuses on outlining the upper traffic line, the middle sidewalk and the lower supporting part.

“We didn’t add any extra parts on the bridge if they were deemed unnecessary. While allowing the lighting facility to function normally, we intended to use the simplest way to decorate the bridge,” an engineer on the project said.