Beidou positioning terminals boost farm efficiency in Songijiang

Beidou positioning terminals have been applied on more than 350 tractors and reapers in Songjiang’s agro-related communities and towns as the suburban district looks to build its farm machinery internet-of-things management platform to achieve modern precision agriculture.

At a farm machinery supporting center in Sicun Village of the district’s Yexie Town, Lu Yongfang, a farm owner, gave details about a black square box installed on his farm machine.

“This is a Beidou positioning terminal,” he said.

The terminal can analyze the machine’s working efficiency, operational time and cost through the data it collects, according to Lu.

In the next step, data from the terminals will be transferred to a city-level data storage and calculating center to form a smart, precise and visual farm machinery internet-of-things management platform.

In recent years, Songjiang has achieved fast development in mechanization of farming, with the rate of agricultural mechanization reaching 98 percent. Unmanned rice transplanting has been carried out in areas like Yexie and Xiaokunshan towns, according to He Wenbin, chief of the Songjiang farm machinery maintenance and repair center.

In addition, drones have been widely used in crop protection in Songjiang. Half of the district’s farm lands are now protected by drones.

“A drone can do crop protection at a speed of 1 mu per minute. And by working aloft, it doesn’t affect farmland conditions,” said He.