Cameras to foil entry of e-bikes into residential elevators

Smart cameras that sound the alert on entry of electric motorcycles into elevators will be deployed in 1,789 residential elevators in Sijing Town of Songjiang District.

Accidents caused by e-bikes have occurred frequently nationwide. On December 3, 2020, Shanghai issued its “Plan on Constructing Smart Community Infrastructures,” suggesting that advanced technologies like internet-of-things and big data will be used to improve the quality of community life.

The internet-of-things system to be used in Sijing’s 1,789 residential elevators this time consists of cameras and vehicle catch fence. Through its video artificial analysis technology, it can sound an alert on entry of e-bikes into elevators so as to further prevent casual connection of wires inside residential buildings and blocking of corridors by motorcycles.

In addition, information like confinement of people, closing door timeout and door opening failure will be sampled in real time.

The installation project will be carried out in several phases. Residential areas with more charging piles will be dealt with first. The whole project is expected to be completed by the end of the Spring Festival next year.