Hospital in Songjiang reopens on Friday after coronavirus lockdown

Authorities have lifted lockdown at the Songjiang District Central Hospital and allowed it to resume normal medical service on Friday, the hospital said on Thursday.

However, the hospital's emergency department, dog-injury clinic and fever clinic will not reopen until next Monday.

Residents can make online appointments for outpatient service through Alipay and the hospital's WeChat account starting from today.

Its liver, pulmonary, intestinal clinics, and general respiratory clinics in the infectious diseases department have all suspended operations for "internal redecoration" until further notice.

The hospital was put under lockdown and closed-loop management after one of its female medical workers was confirmed infected with COVID-19 on August 18.

The Youlu Apartments in Yongfeng Subdistrict\ where she lives in Songjiang District was then put under 14-day quarantine and listed as a medium-risk area.

The quarantine ended at midnight on Tuesday.