Sea world landscape inside a hotel guest room

Guest rooms with aquariums as interior decorations are available for reservation at InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in Songjiang District.

The hotel, more often dubbed the Tianma Pit Hotel or Shimao Quarry Hotel after it sunk into a disused quarry about 88 meters below ground surface, launched a renovation for some of its guest rooms that lasted about one month.

The ten rooms with aquariums on the B15 floor now have more varieties of fish in fish tanks to give the guests an immersive feeling of sea world landscape.

“Guests of the hotel can appreciate the beauty of both the pit hotel and those fish now. There are in total 13 fish tanks in the hotel’s guest rooms and cafeteria. After the renovation, more than 50 varieties of fish are now living inside the tanks,” said Yao Junbo, general manager of the hotel.

In addition, QR codes are attached on each of the fish tank. Guests can scan the code to know more about the fish inside the tanks.

“In the scorching summer, it’s a wonderful experience of living in a guest room with an aquarium,” said one guest.