Have reading fun at this comic book house

A comic book house, with its earliest version of comic book dating back to 1977, opened recently at the Yi Ming Xuan Gallery on 406 Zhongshan Road W. in Songjiang District.

The book house occupies two glass-windowed rooms, with wooden shelves placed against white-washed walls. On the shelves of one of the rooms, comic books in the size of an adult’s palm are neatly placed, whereas in the other room, copies of comic manuscripts are displayed.

Zhang Zizhu, its owner, is a designer who has been fond of reading comic books since childhood.

“At first, I only read the books. Later I would use a translucent paper and pens to trace the pictures,” Zhang recalled.

The hobby slowly developed into an enthusiasm for painting. Zhang later enrolled as an environmental art major student in college.

Zhang moved to Songjiang in 2013 with his family and treasured comic books.

“I would rather share the books with other people than lock them in my own library,” said Zhang.

Zhang’s comic book collection amounts to more than 2,000 books, with the earliest version published in 1977.

“I won’t sell them, nor will I rent them. People can read them at the book house. And I feel happy that they can enjoy what I’ve enjoyed,” said Zhang.