Songjiang inks deals on 20 projects at investment forum

Agreements on Songjiang’s share of 20 projects, valued at 28.11 billion yuan (US$4.29), were signed during the Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference, which was held in the city for the first time on Wednesday.

The projects cover sectors like integrated circuit, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, new material, new energy, online new economy, headquarters economy and financial services. Among them, deals on the financial sci-tech park project by People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China and the G60 digital smart industrial park project by Guoke (Shanghai) Enterprise Development Co were signed on site. Contracts on the other 18 projects, including those of Shanghai Bioligo Biotechnology Co, Shanghai Juntao Science and Technology Co and Von Ardenne Vacuum Equipment Shanghai Co, were signed online.

Also during the conference, the suburban district’s G60 biomedicine industrial base and Lingang-Songjiang Sci-tech City were listed as Shanghai’s unique industrial parks.

Shanghai is to open 14 new industrial parks and will leverage its “five new cities” development strategy to attract investment and boost innovation, city government officials told the conference.

Each of the “five new cities” will build its own brand leveraging their unique strengths.

Songjiang will focus keenly on technological and systematic innovations as it moves toward its goal of becoming a place where urban life and industrial development are well integrated.