Jiuting Town to foster 4 advanced industrial clusters

Jiuting Town of Songjiang District is cultivating four advanced industrial clusters, namely, in the biomedicine, new generation information technology, smart manufacturing and food sectors, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).

Located in the northeast of Songjiang, the town has transformed itself from a traditional industrial center to a modern industrial town with budding advanced industrial clusters in the past five years.

“During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Jiuting will further improve its industrial distribution, and nurture influential advanced industrial clusters in the town’s Songjiang High-tech Park, South Hongqiao Central Business District, Jiufu Economic Development Zone and Lingang-Songjiang Sci-tech City,” said Lu Haoxuan, chief of Jiuting’s investment promotion center.

Among the 50 key industrial projects signed in Songjiang at the beginning of this year, nine will be carried out in Jiuting.

“The new generation information technology sector on Jiuting’s development blueprint will focus on IP-over-Satellite, digital technology and virtual technology, among others,” said Lu.

A leading project, whose agreement was signed between the town and Zhong Ke Chen Xin Satellite Technology Co, has attracted a total investment of 600 million yuan (US$91.32 million). It will be an essential part of global multi-media satellite network.

The growth of the food sector in Jiuting is an example of the town’s endeavor to cultivate itself into an industrial highland.

Back in 2013, the Tianqing Science and Innovation Park in Jiuting used to house firms from miscellaneous industrial sectors, including a ceramics factory and a spring bed factory. Gradually a food company’s high yield data amazed Yuan Zhiqing, chief of the park. Yuan then decided to transform the park into a food industry specific park.

“We would rather pay default fines to drive out polluting companies with low yield and attract food companies here,” said Yuan.

In the following years the Jiuting township government and the Tianqing Science and Innovation Park jointly lured renowned food companies, including Lao Da Fang, Lilian Bakery and Qingyao Food, to the park, while continuing to improve the park’s interior and surrounding environments.

The park, covering about 24 mu (1.6 hectares), now generates annual tax revenue of more than 1.4 million yuan per mu, compared with 600,000 yuan per mu in 2016. The annual tax revenue of the park is expected to succeed 2 million yuan per mu this year.

Other important food companies in Jiuting Town include Shen Da Cheng, Xing Hua Lou, Qiao Jia Shan and Yuan Sheng.