50 expats get their first shot of COVID-19 vaccines

The first batch of 50 foreigners in Songjiang received their first dose of domestic inactivated COVID-19 vaccine at the Zhongshan Sub-district Health Center on Wednesday afternoon.

The suburban district initiated vaccination appointments for foreigners in Shanghai on Monday following rules of “allowing them to be well informed, voluntary vaccination at their own expense and assumption of risk.”

Foreigners queued up at the vaccination outpatient clinic ahead of time on Wednesday noon.

Feng Yue, a nurse of the health center, was busy assisting foreigners in scanning QR code and filling personal information.

Cynthia Shanahan, a foreign teacher with Shanghai HD Bilingual School in Songjiang, made an appointment for Wednesday’s vaccination through the Health Cloud app.

On Wednesday, after showing her appointment code bar, passport and valid residence permit, Shanahan read and signed the English exemption letter of commitment. Not covered by the Shanghai social health insurance, she paid 100 yuan (US$15.24) for her first dose.

After a nurse made sure of her health condition, Shanahan finally received the injection.

The nurse also reminded her of cautionary items and receiving the second dose after 21 days.

“It’s a good idea that the Chinese government is actively encouraging both its residents and foreigners to receive the vaccine,” said Shanahan, who lives with her 14-year-old daughter in Songjiang.

Local expatriates can avail of the vaccination at the Zhongshan Sub-district Health Center every Wednesday afternoon.