Crayfish on sale in Songjiang but prices a bit steep

Crayfish are now on sale at Songjiang’s wet markets.

At the Caihuajing wet market in Songjiang’s old downtown area, crayfish weighing 20-30 grams each are sold at 60 yuan (US$9) per kilogram.

“The hot sales season of crayfish hasn’t arrived yet. People have been buying crayfish recently to satisfy their craving. The price of crayfish is relatively higher now. Experienced diners will wait until the crayfish become widely available, in a few days, to buy them,” said an owner of an aquatic stall.

At the Freshippo supermarket in Pinggao Commercial Square on Jiufeng Road, crayfish weighing 20-29 grams each are being sold at 39.9 yuan per 500 grams.

The average price of crayfish is up 20 percent compared with last year.

As the temperature rises and a large amount of crayfish from Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces enter the market, the price will drop accordingly. A rock-bottom price is estimated to appear in mid-May.

Compared with a rational offline purchasing performance, crayfish sell well online.

On the Dingdong Maicai app, a fresh produce and grocery e-commerce platform, crayfish sold at 39.9 yuan per 500 grams or 88 yuan per package with ingredients sell out fast.

Crayfish restaurants in the suburban district have also been open to the public since mid-March.

“Though the price of crayfish is relatively higher at the moment, there are many eat-in and take-away orders,” said He Yongqing, owner of Shijing Crayfish Restaurant on Rongmei Road.

The peak dining season for crayfish falls in late April, and summer is the best season for selling crayfish.