Contracts signed for major Xinqiao Town projects

A contract-signing ceremony for major projects in Xinqiao Town this year was staged in Lingang Songjiang Sci-tech City in Songjiang District recently. The total investment scale of the projects amounted to 9 billion yuan (US$1.39 billion).

The 24 projects include the headquarters projects of Sunda Auto Service Co and Zhong Fu Tong Group, the industrial bases projects of Yushi Energy Group and LePure Biotech Co, and part of the sci-tech city’s platforms projects.

Among them, the G60 Yunzhi Tiandi project, with a total investment of 1.43 billion yuan and covering an area of 129 mu (8.6 hectares), will focus on advanced artificial intelligence technologies and forge itself into a demonstration zone along the G60 High-tech Corridor.

An industrial internet and smart manufacturing center project at the Lingang Songjiang High-tech Park has attracted a total investment of 800 million yuan and will cover an area of 33 mu. The average annual tax revenue per mu of the project is expected to reach over 100 million yuan.

During the ceremony, 12 companies, including Shanghai Jiahuan Industrial Co and Rittal Electro-Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co, received bank credit worth 355 million yuan in total through the suburban district’s tailored loan program.

“We are grateful to the township government. Through its effort, our company successfully secured a loan worth of 100 million yuan from Bank of Communications,” said a manager with Rittal Electro-Mechanical Technology (Shanghai) Co.

“The GDP of Xinqiao Town has reached a new high. Its total output value has surpassed 100 billion yuan. The town’s transformational development industrial land during the 14th Five Year Plan period (2021-2025) will reach 2,000 mu,” said Cao Leijun, Party secretary of the town.