Foreigners, seniors can now avail vaccines

Foreigners and seniors aged at or above 60 in Songjiang can now book to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the suburban district’s immunization spots.

In addition to the two temporary inoculation venues, Songjiang Gymnasium and Songjiang University Town Gymnasium, the district has also set Zhongshan Sub-district and Xiaokunshan Town community health centers as authorized immunization spots.

The Zhongshan Sub-district community health center, for example, has been listed as the district’s COVID-19 immunization spot for persons intending to work or study abroad since January 7. So far the center has vaccinated 405 people who plan to travel abroad.

Starting from March 29, foreigners can make reservations online through the Health Cloud app, and receive the shot in the district’s designated places by showing their permanent residence ID, passports or effective residence certificates.

Foreigners who are covered by social insurance in China can receive the shots for free; for those who are not covered by the insurance, the cost is 100 yuan (US$15.29) per dose.

Seniors aged between 60 and 75 can also book the vaccination online or at the district’s health stations.

Seniors at or above 70 should be accompanied by relatives or community volunteers.