New shopping malls mushroom in Songjiang

New shopping malls are springing up like mushrooms in Songjiang as the suburban district strives to promote diversified and high-quality commerce.

In January, the Bao Square Sheshan Mall started trial operation in Sijing Town of the district, marking an auspicious prelude for the successive opening of new malls during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) period. Songjiang Incity Mega, the G60 High-tech Cloud Complex supporting commercial facilities, the Tang Metropolis Plaza and the Ledu Commercial Plaza will open in succession this year.

Songjiang Incity Mega, located near Songjiang University Town and Guangfulin Relics Park, has a floor area of about 150,000 square meters and will open before the end of this year. It has already reached a cooperative agreement with world renowned IP Pokemon to explore new possibilities between commerce and culture to attract young customers.

Brands that have signed up to settle in the mall include CGV flagship cinema, Yonghui Bravo, Meland Club and Starlegend Mall. CGV flagship cinema will display China’s first high-end film watching salon hall, Shanghai’s first Sweetbox lovers hall and Songjiang’s first 4DX&ScreenX hall and Dolby Cinema hall.

In addition, a batch of small- and medium-sized shopping malls will open in the district this year to supplement the matured and big commercial plazas that are already functioning.

The Shanghai-style Tang Metropolis Plaza in Xiaokunshan Town in the west of Songjiang has a floor area of about 45,000 square meters and will open in the middle of this year.

“Recent years have seen quick social and economic development in Songjiang. We learned that Xiaokunshan Town didn’t have its own commercial plaza and residents had to travel to downtown Songjiang to watch a film. So we decided to build the Tang Metropolis Plaza in the town to cater to residents’ rising shopping demand,” said Guo Zuoyi, project manager of the plaza.

The Bao Square Sheshan Mall, a transit-oriented development project, is located near Metro Line 9’s Sheshan Station and has a floor area of 32,000 square meters. It will officially open in spring this year.

Supporting commercial facilities of the G60 High-tech Cloud Complex in Xinqiao Town will open to the public in May. And the Ledu Commercial Plaza in the west of Songjiang Old Town will also be officially launched in May.

“According to the general blueprint of the district government, we encourage big commercial plazas to offer customers brand new shopping experiences, medium-sized plazas to provide professional services and small-sized plazas to offer functional services. Different plazas with different operational concepts, will together help promote Songjiang’s commerce development and build the district into a scientific, cultural and ecological area,” said Jia Shunjun, deputy chief of the Songjiang Economic Commission.