Park’s New Year bonanza for out-of-town Songjiang residents

One thousand free tickets will be presented daily as a gift to out-of-town people who remain in Songjiang during the upcoming Spring Festival by the district’s Guangfulin Relics Park.

The park was built on an original archeological site, which was discovered in 1959 by local farmers digging a new waterway when they found ancient pottery shards.

Out-of-town people who choose to stay put in the suburban district during the Chinese New Year holiday can book the tickets for free between 9am and 4:30pm from February 8 to 16 on 021-57800000. They are required to offer personal information, including name, phone number, identity card number and their current address in Songjiang. The booking should be done by persons who intend to visit the park themselves, and each of them has one booking chance. Choice of entry days will last from February 12 to 17.

The park will arrange intangible cultural heritage fairs, interactions with deer, traditional Chinese opera performances and New Year blessing activities for tourists.