Wrigley honors Songjiang development zone with Best Buddy trophy

The Best Buddy trophy was awarded to the management committee of the Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone by Wrigley Confectionery (Shanghai) Co during the former’s corporate visits ahead of the upcoming Spring Festival.

“We handed the Best Buddy trophy to the committee to express our gratitude for the officials’ help with our management,” said Tu Fangzhou, director of Wrigley’s public affairs department.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the business operations of Wrigley in the first half of 2020. Officials from the Songjiang Economic and Technological Development Zone therefore launched a series of online and offline services to help the company with policy interpretation, project application, worker employment and financial support.

Starting from the second half of 2020, Wrigley’s output and sales volume have increased, reaching a peak since 2019. The company was awarded the annual tax contribution award in 2020. Its goal in 2021 is to achieve a 10 percent sales increase.

“More and more high-quality companies are thinking about moving to Songjiang. Their decisions are indispensably encouraged by the good performances of the current leading companies, including Wrigley Confectionery (Shanghai), in the zone,” said Yuan Qiukun, deputy chief of the management committee of the development zone.