Online platform makes renting easy

An online house rental platform has been launched in Songjiang District to give tenants in the district safer and more convenient rental services.

The platform, launched by Songjiang Housing Management Bureau and managed by Songjiang House Leasing Co, is a public welfare program. So far it has released details of the first batch of more than 9,000 apartments or rooms of apartments, covering in total 260,000 square meters and of varied unit sizes.

“We had thoroughly verified the apartment details before we released them on the platform, to make sure the information about the landlord and the house is authentic,” said a platform operator.

The platform, through automatic data verification, will make sure tenant information, house details, property rights information, commission, deals and trustworthiness of the two sides are all genuine. The full dealing process will be monitored to ensure the legal rights of each party are guaranteed.

“Through the district’s house rental public service platform, I’ve found a satisfying apartment near Weiran Industrial Park in Xinqiao Town. The platform saved me much time,” said a worker surnamed Zheng who works at the industrial park.

Tenants can log on the platform on or its WeChat account — Songjiang Rental Service (松江租赁房) — and follow the steps of apartment selection, making an appointment to view the house, online identity verification, agreement signing and checking in. A “special butler” from the house leasing company will also assist in the rental process.