Songjiang road patrol staff ensure smooth traffic despite cold snap

A total of 154 road patrol staff in Songjiang worked nonstop round the clock to ensure smooth traffic flow on the suburban district’s roads, bridges, highways and overpasses from 6pm on Tuesday as a severe cold wave struck the city.

Temperatures began plummeting on Tuesday night and Songjiang welcomed its first snow since winter began.

“To cope with frozen roads, seven patrol teams were dispatched to make an inspection tour every 1-1/2 hours since 6pm on December 29,” said Dong Luping, chief of the road maintenance office of Songjiang Kailing Co.

Sixty-six road maintenance workers were on duty since 12am on Wednesday, focusing on Chenta Road G60 Bridge, Songpu Bridge on Cheting Highway, Maogang Bridge on Yexin Highway, Maixin Highway G15 Overpass and Youdungang Bridge on Guangfulin Road.

The workers used industrial salts on road sections prone to easily getting frozen.

On early Wednesday morning road freezing occurred on Maogang Bridge, Songjiang University Town subway station, and Metro Line 9 Dongjing Station. Maintenance workers wearing orange uniforms were soon seen spreading salts, ridding ice and snow to ensure smooth traffic flow.

“We have in total dispatched 154 road patrol staff, three salt spreading vehicles and 40 patrol vehicles to 45 roads, used 6.4 tons of industrial salts,” said Dong. “Our road emergency reaction team will be on duty nonstop until January 1, 2021.”