Film and TV road reopens after renovation

A refurbished film and TV road in Chedun Town of suburban Songjiang District opened recently after a three-year-long renovation. The road still boasts its consistently decorated stores but with well-preserved greenery and spacious parking lots.

Extending for about 1,000 meters, it has archways at both ends, and sculptures reflecting traditional Shanghai-style architecture elements. The road now blends harmoniously with the nearby Shanghai Film Park.

“The road used to be bumpy, with shabby sidewalks. Two rivers nearby looked muddy and the stores were decorated with dazzling shop signs,” said a resident surnamed Chen.

And limited parking spaces used to be a big problem.

“To reduce illegal parking, two parking lots with 600 parking spaces have been set up near the road,” said Zhang Yan, a staff worker with Chedun Community Service Center.

Ecological renovation has also been carried out on Changbang and Yangjiabang rivers near the road.

In the future, more roads surrounding the film park will be included in the block renovation project, according to township authorities.