Chedun promotes national census with block prints

A promotion of the 7th national census in China in the form of Chedun silkscreen block prints is being carried out in Chedun Town of Songjiang District.

The 7th national census, which will kick off on November 1, will gather demographic information including names, identity card numbers, gender, age, nationalities, education background, jobs, migration condition, marital status, living condition and household condition of Chinese citizens living within the borders of the People’s Republic of China or those living in a foreign country but not settled there. Foreigners who are temporarily living in China are excluded from the census.

Visitors to Chedun can see vivid silkscreen prints on street walls portraying census takers or village officials patiently explaining the importance of the national census to citizens, or people queuing up in order to register for the census.

The prints, while raising awareness and cooperation of people towards the census, create a good atmosphere that tells “a great country’s national census can’t be fulfilled without the participation of each individual.”

“I heard that we are going to have another national census, and when I saw the prints in our neighborhood, I asked my son what a national census is really about. For a Chedun resident, the silkscreen block print is a down-to-earth grassroots art form. We feel naturally closer to the portrayed topic while characters, landscapes or events are in the form of silkscreen prints,” said a granny surnamed Li who lives in Chedun.

“I will be very much take part in the census and fulfill my responsibility,” she added.

So far census workers in Chedun Town are trying out every way to promote the census, including delivering pamphlets, putting up posters and holding silkscreen prints exhibition about the census.

“Chedun silkscreen block printing is a district-level intangible cultural heritage and a local cultural brand. We use the block printing to promote the census to enrich regional culture while seeking people’s coordination for the census,” said Lin Huiying, chief of the national census office of Chedun Town.