October holidays boost consumption, sales in Songjiang

The total sales amount of 35 monitored companies in Songjiang District from September 24 to October 8 reached 565.7 million yuan (US$84.3 million), up 6.47 percent year on year, according to sample statistics from the Songjiang Economic Commission.

The overlap of China’s National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival in early October this year made for a rare 8-day holiday. In Songjiang, an annual shopping festival providing incentive discounts and enticing activities boosted consumption recovery and helped various shopping malls achieve thriving sales during the holidays.

The holidays coincided with the 14th anniversary of Kaiyuan Med Mall, the 3rd anniversary of D.5 Park and the fifth anniversary of Xinlixiang Shopping Mall in the suburban district. The malls, in return, held sales promotions, fairs and events to drive consumption.

At Kaiyuan Med Mall goods were sold at half price; D.5 Park held band performances, karting race and Chinese ACG exhibition; and Xinlixiang Shopping Mall invited a renowned TV host and held a celebration for visitors.

Statistics show that from September 24 to October 8 total sales amount in the district’s department stores and shopping malls reached 284.693 million yuan. Wanda Plaza ranked first in the district with about 100 million yuan of sales in 15 days.

A repressed dining need due to the COVID-19 epidemic was thoroughly released during the double holiday. Five monitored dining companies in the district achieved a sales income of about 12 million yuan, up 28.86 percent year on year.

In addition, wedding ceremonies postponed during the first half were mostly held during the holidays. Four sampled hotels hosted a total of 376 tables of banquets and achieved a sales amount of 1.05 million yuan, up 12.91 percent and 18.82 percent, respectively, annually.

Ten sampled supermarkets in the district, with ample supply and stable prices, reaped 76.47 million yuan in sales, a 12.6 percent gain on year.

The holidays also witnessed a peak in cinema watching as a batch of movies, including “Leap,” “My People My Homeland” and “Legend of Deification” hit the silver screen.