Fish-egg sculpture inspires startups at Lingang park

A sculpture in the form of a fish egg of Songjiang-farmed sisai bass was recently installed at the Lingang Songjiang High-tech Park in the suburban district.

The sculpture, looking like an eye when zoomed out and a bird’s nest when zoomed in, actually mimics a fish egg of Songjiang-farmed sisai bass. The 10-meter-long stainless steel architecture with sprayed paint and LED lights looks beautiful against the high buildings behind it and the lawns. Now and then passersby stop to take a photo of the creation.

“We have named the sculpture ‘Embryo of A New Century,’ which means an original embryo of high technology waiting to be incubated in the new century. It therefore symbolizes that batches of high-technologies and projects with smart ideas will be incubated in the park, making the park a backbone of the Yangtze River Delta G60 High-tech Corridor construction,” said Li Ting, executive director of Shanghai Song’er Illumination Engineering Co, the designer of the sculpture.

“We felt greatly inspired by the local fish,” Li added.

The sculpture also adopts traditional Chinese paper cutting presentations, featuring hollows, and the inside of the main body is painted with transitory colors from bluish velvet to green, which send out a mysterious glow when exposed to sunshine. At night the sculpture is illuminated by LED lights.

“The sculpture is quite novel and original. It also encourages us to incubate more projects and startups in the park,” said Dai Yujun, a manager working in the high-tech park.

The local sisai bass, normally about 17 centimeters long and weighing 100 grams, is famous for its succulent, oily meat and lack of excess bones. The orange branchial arches near its breathing gills give the fish the appearance of having an extra set of gills – hence the name sisai, which translates as “four gills” in Chinese.