Yexie steamed rice cake now available as a souvenir

Yexie steamed rice cakes, a Songjiang local delicacy and a Shanghai intangible cultural heritage food, are exhibited as a souvenir at InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in Sheshan, Songjiang.

The exhibiting booth, featuring the rice culture in Songjiang, is decorated with rice spikes. The logo of Rice Auspicious, product developer of the steamed rice cakes and a local agricultural grange, is eye-appealing. In addition, a big screen constantly shows a promotion video on the two local brand products.

Dating back to 1573, Yexie steamed rice cakes are made of rice and sticky rice, mixed in a certain proportion and with fillings such as sweet bean paste, dates and candied fruits.

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland, more often dubbed Shimao Quarry Hotel, has been masterfully built into the side wall of an abandoned quarry. Its S-shaped 336-key luxury property is 88 meters below ground surface.

“InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is quite a popular hotel. This time we set up an exhibiting booth at the hotel to promote Songjiang rice and Yexie steamed rice cakes in the hope that more tourists and citizens will know them and take them back as a souvenir,” said Zhu Yan, founder of Rice Auspicious.

Operators of the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland also expressed their wish to integrate the promotion of more intangible cultural heritage items into the operation of the hotel.