Canteen for elderly being built in Chedun Town

The first community canteen for the elderly in Chedun Town of Songjiang District is to be constructed in the town’s Xiangdong Neighborhood, according to the Chedun community service center.

The canteen, to be jointly managed by the Chedun township government and Shanghai Yuanyuan Food Co, will provide elderly people in the region with their long-awaited meal services.

“Xiangdong Neighborhood is Chedun’s first housing relocation region. Quite a few of its residents are elderly people and some live alone. We planned the canteen in hopes of easing their access to meal services,” said Gu Xiaofeng, director of the Chedun community service center.

The agreement on the project was reached after officials did research and listened to advice from residents.

Compared with the town’s existing community canteens, the canteen for the elderly will serve food cooked in less oil and which will be less spicy. In addition, for seniors having difficulty moving freely, the canteen will provide door-to-door service.

People aged above 65 can enjoy a meal subsidy ranging from 2 to 4 yuan (57 US cents) daily if they dine at the canteen.

The canteen will enter its trial operation from October this year.