Songjiang becomes city's latest wildlife sanctuary

Songjiang District has been designated a wildlife sanctuary, the sixth such sanctuary in the city, Shanghai's greenery authorities announced on Wednesday.

Illegal hunting of wildlife throughout the district is banned and people will face fines or criminal charges in serious cases, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said.

Other acts such as damaging the habitats of wildlife are prohibited, according to the bureau.

Approval is required for hunting in the district for purposes such as scientific research, population control, agriculture and epidemic monitoring, the bureau said.

Protected wildlife includes species classified as such, as well as those with important ecological, scientific and social value, according to the bureau.

The tip-off hotline is 12345, the city's public service hotline, the bureau announced.

The aim is to protect wildlife, particularly birds, and improve the living environment of wild animals in the district, the bureau said.

The other five wildlife sanctuaries in Shanghai are Nanhui Dongtan area and Fengxian, Chongming, Jinshan and Qingpu districts.

Songjiang has rich forestry resources and its forest land totals nearly 148,888 mu (9,975 hectares) and wetland 73,000mu. Its sound ecological environment and geographic location have attracted a large number of wildlife particularly birds to settle down in the district.

The district has recorded 186 species of wildlife, among which 144 are birds.

Since this year, about 50 bird hunting nets have been removed during inspections in the district.