New plants to expand sewage treatment capacity

Four sewage treatment plants will be renovated or built in Songjiang to improve the regional water quality.

The four plants, with a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan (US$537.5 million), will cover sewage treatment of the suburban district’s regions in the north of the Huangpu River. Construction work for two of the plants has already started and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. The other two are planned to start construction next year.

“Songjiang’s waste water treatment capacity is about to reach a tight balance. In Jiuting and Xinqiao towns, sewage treatment is in a state of full charge running. As Songjiang is starting a new round of social and economic development, its regional sewage treatment capacity should be improved accordingly. Construction or renovation of sewage treatment plants requires time, so we have initiated the projects in advance,” said Fan Xiaofeng, director of the water resources management department of the Songjiang Water Affairs Authority.

Songjiang has generally built a complete sewage collection and treatment system through years of efforts. Four sewage treatment plants have been arranged for the Pubei area, or regions in the north of the Huangpu River, and three for the Punan area, or regions in the south of the Huangpu River.

And renovation or construction of sewage plants requires engineers to think up a best solution after considering local conditions, categories of the sewage as well as treatment standards.

“Take the fourth renovation project of Songjiang Sewage Treatment Plant Co as an example. Its service scope is about 59 square kilometers, covering areas, including Songjiang New Town, Songjiang South Station residential area, the East Songjiang Industrial Zone and the Zhongshan Community Industrial Zone,” said an official with the Songjiang Water Affairs Authority.

“Considering future population growth in the Songjiang South Station residential area, we decided to expand the plant’s sewage treatment capacity by 62,000 cubic meters per day to 200,000 cubic meters per day,” the official added.

In addition, future discharged sewage quality from the renovated Songjiang Sewage Treatment Plant will be at or above Level 1A standard.