Youngest students return to school after long vacation

Kindergarteners as well as first-, second- and third-graders across Songjiang on Tuesday returned to their classrooms for the first time since mid-January amid precautions taken by schools to prevent their youngest students from the risk of coronavirus infection.

In the early morning on Tuesday, teachers from Wenxiang Kindergarten waited near the school gate to welcome the students. The kids queued up, keeping a 1-meter distance from each other, swiped their identity cards and had their temperatures checked by an infrared thermometer one by one.

Children with normal temperatures then entered the campus and washed their hands before they were guided by their teachers to the classrooms and had their temperatures checked for a second time. They then took off their face masks, sealed them in a package and put it in their own lockers.

The children, back at school and reunited with their classmates and teachers, turned exuberantly happy.

“I feel quite happy today because I can play with my friends once again. During the home quarantine period, I missed my classmates, teachers as well as the taste of our school lunch,” said Guo Yilin, a kindergartener.

Precautions against the risk of infection were also meticulously enforced in each classroom, with separation boards set up on desks and beds and a pandemic prevention kit box prepared in each classroom. Children were also reminded to maintain distance while using the bathroom.

“The especially long winter vacation had the children bored and they are happy they can return to school. The kindergarten, through online video broadcasts, discussions with parents and conferences, relays the children’s condition at school to parents, reassuring us. I am grateful to the teachers,” said Wang Jie, a parent.

“We trained our teachers on pandemic prevention and also disinfected all the toys in each classroom to ensure the students have a safe study and living environment,” said Jin Suyi, principal of Wenxiang Kindergarten.