Pinghu-Shanghai waterway’s Shanghai section bridge taking shape

A cable-stayed bridge with towers and balustrades painted red is now crossing the Huangpu River in the Pinghu-Shanghai waterway’s Shanghai section in Songjiang District. The bridge, or Maogang Bridge, saw the successful closure of its main steel box girder on Wednesday and is expected to be completed and fully open to traffic in August 2021.

The newly-built Maogang Bridge broke ground in April 2018 and is located on the north side of old Maogang Bridge. The new bridge, which is undergoing half-roadway construction, will first open its north half-roadway to traffic while the old Maogang Bridge is demolished. The south half-roadway will be the last section to open to traffic.

“As the main steel box girder closed, the new bridge’s north half-roadway is about to open to traffic. And we will demolish the old Maogang Bridge in the second half of this year,” said Qian Jianxing, project manager of Pinghu-Shanghai waterway renovation project (Shanghai section).

The demolition project of the old bridge, a cable-stayed bridge stretching 200 meters, will be the first case of its kind nationwide, and is also one of the most difficult tasks in the entire renovation project, according to Qian.

The new Maogang Bridge stretches 445 meters and is 38.5 meters in width. Its major towers are 60 meters tall and the bridge has two-way six-lane driveways in addition to its sidewalk and non-motorized vehicle lane.

When the bridge is completed, the Pinghu-Shanghai waterway’s Shanghai section will have its navigation clearance rise to seven meters from the current three meters.