Cheers to this Beer Lady, a museum for tipplers and others

Beer Lady, an internet-hit craft brewpub in Shanghai, opened its flagship store at Songjiang’s Yun Jian Granary Cultural and Creative Park on May 10. The brewpub, collecting tens of thousands of beer types from across the world, is also the biggest beer museum in the city.

The flagship store covers an area of 4,000 square meters and, in addition to its beer museum, it houses a Chinese food restaurant, a red wine tavern and an outdoor snack booth. And starting from the end of May, all the sections will open to the public, according to Zhang Yindi, founder of Beer Lady.

“We will run the brewpub round the clock from June 1 and by then tourists and citizens can spend their night dining on steamed seafood and crayfish while drinking beer,” said Zhang.

The interior walls of Beer Lady are filled full to the brim with beer cabinets of various kinds and Zhang is very familiar with each bottle she has collected.

“The beer museum inside the store covers an area of 1,200 square meters. It displays more than 10,000 types and in total 60,000-plus bottles of beer from different parts of the world,” she said.

“This was from the famous Belgium St-Feuillieun winery. And this is the Danish Snake Venom, highest in alcohol content, 70 degrees; a good drinker will be quite fond of it. Some beers are suitable for ladies, like this bottle of Austrian craft beer, very fragrant,” Zhang introduced.

The beer museum, through interactive activities, will introduce to visitors a comprehensive beer culture, including its ingredients, brewery equipment, canning equipment, packaging facilities, what crafted beer is and its derivatives, according to Zhang.

Zhang started her business as a store owner running a 20-square-meter grocery store and the Beer Lady brand she founded now has several branches in Shanghai.

“Songjiang is the root of Shanghai and the Yun Jian Granary Cultural and Creative Park in Songjiang is a place rich in culture. We hope to build the brewpub into a new local landmark where people not only drink beer but also experience a culture,” she stated.

Venue: Beer Lady

Address: 10053 Songjin Highway

Operation hours: 10am-2am, Mondays-Sundays; round-the-clock operation starts from June 1