Zhong’s face mask order ‘honors’ local firm

When an order for 2,000 N95 face masks reached him and the buyer was renowned Chinese respiratory medicine specialist Zhong Nanshan, Wu Shengrong, a retired soldier and board chairman of Shanghai Dasheng Sanitation Products Co in Songjiang, felt “deeply honored.” It all began with the visit of a special guest to the company in the suburban district.

On April 29, Wu was busy as usual conducting production and delivery work at his company when he received a special guest, unknown to him previously – Yao Juanjuan, founder of, a medical services platform headquartered in Songjiang and launched by renowned academicians and scholars in China. Its aim is to assist young doctors in their medical practice.

Yao’s intention was to purchase 2,000 N95 face masks from the company for Zhong, who would later donate them to a Canadian medical institute for coronavirus pandemic control and prevention.

Having learned the whole story, Wu not only felt proud of the quality of the company’s face masks, but also felt it as a mission to help in the global pandemic fight.

“After I had a video-chat with academician Zhong, we immediately packed 2,000 face masks. Though he insisted on paying for them, we wouldn’t accept it. We donated them,” said Wu.

Dasheng Sanitation Productions Co is among the 17 face masks producing companies in Shanghai that quickly resumed work following the domestic COVID-19 outbreak in mid-January.

The company, depending on its cleaners, drivers, janitors and clerks who didn’t leave Songjiang for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, launched more than ten production lines and produced face masks that were in urgent need for domestic epidemic prevention.

At that time Wu also negotiated with the company’s overseas customers on postponing face mask export orders and used them all for domestic needs.

The company is now operating in full swing, producing 800,000 face masks daily through its 20-plus production lines operated by more than 200 workers. The face masks are immediately delivered to hospitals and pharmacies in Shanghai, or exported to European and American countries and regions to assist in the global pandemic battle.