4 Songjiang rivers make top city lists

Four rivers in Songjiang District have been chosen among Shanghai’s “Most Beautiful River Courses” or “Most Fruitful Results of River Course Harness,” according to the city’s water authorities.

A district-level managed water channel, Longxing River in Songjiang, was feted as one of Shanghai’s most beautiful river courses recently. The river is 3,200 meters long and covers a water area of about 75,000 square meters. In its southern section inside Sixian Park, egrets, pond herons, black herons and other birds nest and create a harmonious ecology.

The other waterway selected among the city’s most beautiful river courses in the suburban district is the Xingang River in Xiaokunshan Town. The river, 1,770 meters in length and 29,000 square meters in size, is now a leisure venue that includes facilities like landscape modeling, greenbelts, fitness equipment and waterfront terraces.

Both the Qiyi River in Yongfeng Community and the Huangdu River in Zhongshan Community were awarded the city’s most fruitful results of river course harness.

Before its renovation, the Qiyi River, affected by the surrounding relocation, used to have construction waste piling along its river banks and trees in ill-preserved state. A drainage project on the river, which began in 2018, together with related greening works, changed its condition. The river is now clean and clear with fish gliding near its bottom.

The 700-meter-long Huangdu River is located near a commercial complex with a dense population. The river has been undergoing an overall upgrade since 2018 and it has become a well-preserved water channel.

This year the district’s water authorities are planning to create 52 star water channels and grant a facelift to 15 waterfront places in four communities.