Songjiang rural tourism reviving as outbreak eases

Rural tourism in Songjiang is recovering with tourists back to farms and orchards collecting fruits and vegetables, and related dining and B&B industries will soon be back to normal as the COVID-19 outbreak nationwide eases.

Wushe Farm in Songjiang’s Maogang Town recently welcomed its first batch of visitors since it resumed business.

“The peak season when companies used to be eager to organize outdoor activities for their staff members came unstuck this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak. But as the condition eases, our tourist numbers are gradually back to normal,” said Li Bing, a manager of Wushe Farm.

Jialv Farm in the district’s Yexie Town is also welcoming more tourists coming for fruit- or vegetable-picking.

“As the pandemic condition improves domestically, people feel like going outdoors and breathing fresh air,” said Zhang Chunhui, its manager.

As leisure services like fruit- and vegetable-picking gradually resume, dining and B&B industries related to rural tourism will also see an uptick.

Xuelanghu Resort in the district’s Xinbang Town, a renowned scenic spot in suburban Shanghai, will reopen its guest rooms to tourists in late March or early April.

“We used the interval to renovate our guest rooms. About 140 guest rooms at the resort are undergoing facelift and will gradually open to the public. We hope the renovated guest rooms will provide tourists a better experience,” said Dong Xiaojian, a manager of Xuelanghu Resort.

Rural tourism integrates the development of agriculture, industry and service sectors in the suburbs and is expected to meet a burst of backlogged consumer needs after the pandemic ends, according to industry insiders.

To meet rising demand as rural tourism recovers, Songjiang is planning more outdoor activities, including a hiking activity in Xinbang Town, a parent-kid entertainment park project in Dongqin Village, Yexie Town, and an azalea festival celebration in Maogang Town.