Visitors make beeline as botanical garden reopens

The first weekend since Chenshan Botanical Garden in Songjiang District reopened on March 14 saw a total of 28,032 tourists over two days, with visitors touring the park in an orderly manner.

The park reopened after a closure forced by the novel coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, but there is a limit on the number of tourists allowed, with a daily visitor number not surpassing 18,000 and a maximum of 11,000 at one time, 20 percent of its normal capacity.

A notice board near its entrance showcases the health status of staff members and the park’s daily disinfection records. Two dustbins to collect disused face masks are also set near the entrance.

Visitors are required to have their temperatures checked, display their booking QR codes and health QR codes, as well as wear face masks throughout their tours.

A daily 10,000 tickets were sold online in the first few days after the park’s reopening and the number of reserved tickets will be increased as the epidemic situation in the city improves.

“For tourists who haven’t booked their tickets online beforehand, they can fill registration forms and they will have their personal data collected before they are allowed to enter the park,” said Zhang Zhe, a park staff member.

Temporary isolation spots have also been set up for tourists with higher body temperatures to take rest. If their body temperatures don’t come down, they are recommended to see a doctor, according to Zhang.

“On hearing the news of the botanical garden’s reopening, we booked tickets online. It has been ages since my family’s last outing and my child is feeling extremely happy today,” said a local resident surnamed Wang.

“Today is the first weekend since the reopening of the botanical garden. We increased the number of police personnel dispatched around the park. We are also using drones to monitor tourist flow,” said Dong Wenjun, an office of the Sheshan National Tourist Resort police station.

However, indoor greenhouse plant exhibition halls inside the park will remain closed.