Shanghai Film Park to reopen on March 20

Starting from this Friday, Shanghai Film Park in Songjiang District will reopen to the public after a closure forced by the coronavirus outbreak. Tourists and crew members will be required to enter through real-name registration and limit on visitor number will be enforced daily for safety’s sake.

Entry will be allowed only if a visitor shows his or her QR health code in green color and a body temperature under 37.3 degrees Celsius. Visitors are also required to wear face masks throughout their tour in the park, according to Zhang Biao, general manager of Shanghai Film Park.

Visitor number will be controlled at 5,000 persons daily, a quarter of the park’s former average tourist flow, and park staff will assist visitors in registering their real names through WeChat if visitors find it difficult to do so by themselves, according to Zhang.

Indoor venues of the park will remain closed and performances will continue to be suspended.

“Unlike other scenic spots, Shanghai Film Park is not a natural scenic spot. Tourists visit the park mainly to appreciate its old Shanghai street scenes, watch how crew members shoot a film or are star-struck to come and see their favorite stars,” said Zhang.

So far two teams have applied to shoot TV dramas inside the park, Zhang revealed. Crew members have to fill health forms and get permission before they are allowed to shoot films there.

Various incentives are being offered to both crew members and tourists.

Crews filming public welfare films, especially with coronavirus control and prevention themes, will be granted fee waivers.

Medical workers nationwide, on showing relevant certificates, can enjoy free entry into the park from March 20 to December 31.

Volunteers in Songjiang who have contributed to virus control and prevention, or staff members from Songjiang companies that are engaged in producing medical protection materials, will also be granted free entry in 2020.

In addition, people who visit the park to look at stars are urged to avoid crowd gathering.