Fever clinic with 5G facilities opens at Shanghai General Hospital

A fever clinic equipped with 5G facilities was established at Shanghai General Hospital South Branch in Songjiang recently. The 1, 417-square-meter outpatient clinic, completed in 18 days and officially opened on March 3, has 23 isolation wards, four doctor’s offices and other facilities, including an emergency room, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a CT room, a B ultrasonic rooms and an electrocardiography rooms.

Used mainly for treating unspecific fever patients, it is the largest fever clinic in a comprehensive medical institute in Shanghai, where a total of 117 fever clinics now exist.

Statistics show 60 percent of all the novel coronavirus pneumonia cases citywide have been screened out through fever clinics and 90 percent of suspected patients visited fever clinics.

“The general hospital’s south branch in Songjiang is located near the city’s southwest traffic hub where key highways, including G60 and G15, pass and cross. The district has set up several medical observation sites to shoulder part of the fever screening work for neighboring Qingpu and Jinshan districts. As work resumes, Songjiang is also the labor destination for a large number of returning workers. All these made us think about building a new fever clinic,” Zheng Xingdong, chief of Shanghai General Hospital, revealed.

“We overcame difficulties, including labor and building material shortage, and built this fever clinic at the speed and quality with which people built the makeshift Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan,” said Wu Jinhua, deputy chief of the hospital.

At a 5G network doctor’s room in the clinic, a respiratory physician makes ward rounds through remote access of a 4K high-definition screen and a blue-tooth headset. On the other side of the screen a patient at a quarantined ward, guided by a nurse, reveals through a stethoscope his body temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

The fever clinic is also equipped with robots applying 5G cloud computing technology that are used for distributing medicine and disinfecting rooms at the quarantine area.

Smart 5G entertainment terminals are installed above hospital beds, which, through cellphone scanning, allow patients to watch films, play computer games and read digital books online for free.

“After the epidemic situation is brought under control, the general hospital will keep the fever clinic open. It will become an indispensable part of the hospital’s daily operation,” said Zheng.