Jiuting park firms using new high-power disinfection sprayer

A newly-developed high-power disinfection sprayer is being used for mass protection of companies in a Jiuting industrial park in Songjiang as waves of employees resume work amid the country’s ongoing battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

The gigantic sprayer was seen functioning fully at Yungtay Elevator Equipment Co in Jiufu Economic Development Zone in Jiuting recently. The sprayer, different from an ordinary liquid spraying device, has a jet large enough to squeeze into an adult man’s fist. When mobilized, it lets out gushes of dense fog.

According to its developer, Shanghai Yu Hong Guan Pin Sci-tech Co, the high-power disinfection sprayer can disinfect a 3-meter high and 1,000-square-meter large space within 20 minutes. Its loading capacity is 16 liters.

“Both the disinfection sprayer and the disinfectant it uses are our newly-developed products. The main ingredient of our disinfectant is oral sterilized water used in dental clinics abroad. It has a light smell, high disinfection capacity and almost zero negative impact on human bodies,” a company official revealed.

Once companies apply for the disinfection service, the industrial park will pay the bill to buy the onsite service for having their offices, canteens and shift buses disinfected.