National cybersecurity event starts today

Sending pictures on social media, making mobile payments via QR codes, and even the settings on your mobile phone: These are just some of the potential sources of cyber risk that people face every day, according to experts at China Cybersecurity Week who spoke to Shanghai Daily.

The weeklong event which started on Monday is one of the largest in the country. Lingang Songjiang Science and Technology Park is hosting the opening ceremony in Shanghai, while other major cities like Beijing and Tianjin are also taking part.

The Shanghai program includes online security education and Q&A sessions, an industry summit, cybersecurity exhibitions and special daily events covering various industries such as telecommunications, finance and education.

On Monday, an exhibition in Songjiang offered several examples of how hackers and other criminals can access sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. For example, when a person exposes their fingertips in a photograph, such as when they flash the popular V finger pose, criminals can use these images to produce accurate fingerprint models which can fool touch-ID security systems, experts warned.

Other displays focused on how to enhance payment and privacy setups on WeChat and Alipay and how to check for illegal cameras hidden in hotel rooms.

During Monday's opening ceremony, eight experts were given the title of Shanghai’s “Chief Security Officer." These included experts from academia and public security.

Zhou Huilin, head of the publicity department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, was present at the opening session.

A city-level cybersecurity demonstration zone was also launched in Songjiang District on Monday. Songjiang, along with giants like Kuka and Haier, will focus on industrial Internet security, local officials said.