Cangqiao pear enters high-end market

Cangqiao pear as Songjiang’s only fruit recognized with the national geographical mark has been released in the middle- and high-end produce market.

Earlier in May, Cangqiao’s pear co-op was included in the strategic agreement signed between Shanghai’s agricultural authority and Fresh Hema, a new online grocery provider under Alibaba.

In July, another contract was signed between Cangqiao and Hema for two kinds of pears, of which more than 1,800 boxes have so far been sold.

The sales channel has turned out to be a success. It has helped establish the brand and boosted the income of local farmers.

The pear has been well known for its quality; the fruit is sweet and juicy, with a really thin peel. But in the past, 60 percent of the yield was sold to the wholesale market, accruing limited profits for farmers.

With the current upgraded cooperation, higher standards have been set. The two kinds of pears have to weigh 200 grams and 300 grams, respectively, to qualify for sales and the weight difference can be no more than 50grams.

The pears are also given uniform packaging.

The co-op has reached out to similar platforms with the aim of expanding such cooperation.