Hospital’s smart guiding system proving a hit with patients

A smart guiding system in use at the Songjiang branch of Shanghai General Hospital helps distribute patients and checks their flow, making the process more efficient.

With the application of the smart management platform, a series of services, including making appointment, showing waiting time and obtaining examination results, can be done on the mobile phone.

Users only need to follow the official accounts and the procedures demonstrated on it to finish the task they want.

A patient can pay and reschedule for a follow-up visit on the platform without queuing up.

For those visiting the hospital for the first time, it will also give clear instructions on how to go to a certain department.

When several check items await, the platform will automatically line up the checks according to different time needed and reveal the progress to the patient.

Check results are also accessible through the account.

Since it was first used in the hospital, daily visits to the platform have reached more than 1,500, accounting for 20 percent of the general visits to the emergency department in a day.

About 98 percent of users have given good comments on the platform, based on a third-party survey.