Yangtze Delta IIoT center construction to start

Construction for an innovative application center on Industrial Internet of Things of Yangtze River Delta will kick off during the World Artificial Intelligence Conference to be held at the end of August, according to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization.

To be built jointly by the commission, the Songjiang District government and Lingang Sci-tech City, the center will be the core entity to design industrial standards and provide Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, solutions nationwide.

The G60 Sci-tech Corridor will help promote the coordinated development in the delta region in this aspect.

Based in the corridor, the center will connect IIoT experience centers in nine cities in the region and then establish a data center to optimize the industry ecology, accelerate research and development and cultivate talents in the field.

The 2019 WAIC, featuring “AI Revolution Insights into the Future of Industry,” will be held in Shanghai on August 30.

The launch ceremony for the center will try to collect application scenarios in digital information, high-end equipment, automobile and aerospace during the conference.