New list of intangible cultural heritages unveiled

New lists for Songjiang intangible cultural heritages and representative inheritors were released recently.

This year, five local traditions have been added to the district-level list. They are Aliu’s sweet dumplings, traditional wood structure architectural crafts, Lianxiang dance, Bozi Chinese opera and Zhuangjing boxing.

Ten people have been newly recognized as the inheritors.

Songjiang has been doing more to protect and promote intangible cultural heritage since 2005 and it is still trying to dig more into the historical and artistic value of these folk assets.

The application procedure works two years for a circle with applicants filing in the first year and honored in the second, should the candidates be successfully included after a series of assessment.

Among the common criteria for such a heritage items are that they must have existed for more than 100 years and been passed down for at least three generations.