Songjiang spurs nighttime economy

Songjiang District is spurring the nighttime economy by exploring more possibilities that could not otherwise be realized in daytime.

At Happy Valley, splendid shows, combining fire flames and a 2,000-square-meter water screen, are on while circus performances are scheduled twice a night that are attracting large crowds.

The Chenshan Botanical Garden, on the other hand, offers another chance for children to observe nature at night.

Held for the eighth year, the nighttime camp remains popular. Participants divided into 15 terms will learn more about the plants with professional instructors in more than 20 specialized gardens, totaling 207 hectares.

Similar events include the starry night camp on Sheshan Hill, where parents can spend some quality time with their children during the summer vacation.

The enriched experiences lure more tourists to stay longer, which brings more benefits to industries dealing with transportation, dining and accommodation.

Additional activities like the Tsingtao Beer Festival and the Concert on the Green have been unveiled this summer, taking advantage of the suburban district’s existing tourist landscape and resources.