‘Magnolia’ industrial development forum kicks off

Shanghai’s first industrial development forum featuring “magnolia”, the city flower, kicked off in Songjiang onWednesday.

The event aims to build the cultural innovation economy using magnolia as a theme as well as promote the Shanghai culture brand.

Magnolia as the city flower speaks for the local temperament of proactivity, openness, innovation and inclusiveness. The concept will be further tapped and integrated into a solid image.

Participants at the venue discussed about combining arts, sci-tech innovation and brand authorization to broaden the industrial channels.

An incubator “A Magnolia” was founded in the process and a souvenir of magnolia pastry set launched.

Meanwhile, a platform displaying and selling cultural innovation products developed by students and teachers from 40 colleges in Shanghai was set up. It sells items pertaining to art, home appliances and clothing, both online and offline.

The forum will be held annually to support the sector for further growth.