Xinhua opens cultural bookstore

“Nancun Yingxue”, a new cultural bookstore launched by Xinhua Bookstore, has opened to receive visitors in a century-old residence in Sijing Town, Songjiang.

The venue has been restored according to its original design that dates back to the Qing Dynasty and aims to provide a different reading experience combining cultural tourism.

The internal design resembles a corridor of time where guests can see a range of ancient classics as well as latest works.

Cultural innovation products, including those featuring the Forbidden City and local relics Guangfulin, are showcased for sale.

Exhibitions will also be organized to enrich the attractions. Now on display is a comic artist’s illustration of Chinese classics.

An automatic payment machine has been installed for visitors to scan their face ID and pay.

The bookstore brand may be replicated for expansion if it proves to be successful.