A happy carnival season at Sheshan Hill

From Ukrainian flame-dancers to eight motorcycles racing inside a 6.5-meter-diameter ball, the curtain went up on Friday at Shanghai Happy Valley in Songjiang on the Shenshan Hill tourist resort's carnival season.

The Ukranian artists will perform a unique flame dance when night falls, blending art into flame and turning flame into different shapes. Inside the sphere, the motorcyclists will revolve 360 degrees and perform 90-degree vertical stunts, delivered by a flying motorcycle troupe that has also performed in South Korea and Russia.

There are also Argentinian drum dances, and DJs from Brazil and Ukraine will also add fuel to the summer night party inside the amusement park during the festival, which runs through September 1.

At Playa Maya Water Park, a water splashing carnival has opened with electronic music. Egyptian shows, hula dances and magic shows will be also be staged.

Magic night tours will be held at the Chenshan Botanical Garden, while races will be hosted at the Shanghai Tianma Circuit. The Yuehu Sculpture Park will invite people to capture shots of nature with drones.

Hotels in the resort will present night markets featuring beer, crayfish and countryside delicacies.