Maogang becomes ‘hometown of green food’

Rice paddies in Maogang Town recently obtained the “green food” certificate, making the region the “hometown of green food” in Songjiang.

Maogang sits at the origins of the Pujiang River, with clean water and environment. Over the past year it has reached its goal of attaining the green food certificate, obtaining the identification for the 14 million square meters of rice paddies.

The effort also boosts the proportion of overall accredited plants to 88 percent in the town.

“There are many factors involved in making green paddies – seeds, soil, water and scientific management of the field,” said Wang Qiong, staff member of the town’s agricultural service center.

Strict management is carried out from breeding through harvesting while low-hazard pesticides, which are uniformly procured and delivered in the district, are used in a certain amount and frequency.

Bio-organic fertilizers are placed to be environment-friendly. Farmers also try to plant vermin-dispelling grass instead of adopting more chemicals.

To promote publicity and sales of the rice, unique signs are used on the packaging to make the product more reliable to consumers.