Songjiang’s first batch of public rental housing now available

Applications can now be filed for Songjiang’s first batch of public rental housing, which became available since Tuesday.

The 237 apartments, ranging from 52 to 95 square meters, meet different residential needs at a monthly cost of 2,600 to 4,700 yuan (US$378-683).

They are fully equipped with a television, fridge, air-conditioner and other home appliances and are ready for moving in.

Part of the quota is saved especially for qualified talent working in the G60 Sci-tech Corridor.

“I used to live in the company’s dorm while my family is in another city, but now I can rent a three-room apartment here and have my family live with me,” said Zheng Haijun, an employee of Ideal Deposition Semiconductor, a G60 enterprise.

With subsidy from the corridor, Zheng may also save about 1,000 each month from the rent.

The community Zheng chose also has convenient access to public transportation of buses and tramline.

Songjiang will kick off construction for the next batch of public rental housing in the second half of the year, namely 1,283 apartments in 22 communities to be available in the first half of 2020.

Residents in need may apply through their company or go to the official website or the district administrative service center for detailed information.