Jiuting elderly care center opens for trial

Jiuting’s first comprehensive service center for seniors opened recently for a trial operation.

Completed at the end of last year, the center covers an area of 800 square meters and mainly provides long- and short-term care, dining and rehabilitation training for those over the age of 60.

Basic physical checks, including blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose, as well as rehabilitation and physical treatment are available on the first floor; while the second floor, which is accessible for old people through an “ascending machine”, consists of a nursing home and a dining room.

The nursing home can take care of patients for three months at most for a session, charging a fee of 2,400 yuan-4,700 yuan (US$350-685) a month.

The elderly eating here, on the other hand, will be subsidized by the local government according to the age-related standard. A meal would actually cost less than 10 yuan as a result.