Sci-tech film city unveils plans for cinema development

Shanghai Sci-tech Film City held a press conference in Songjiang yesterday and launched its general layout for development and announced a batch of 16 measures to promote the industry in the suburban district.

The film city project completed only a year ago has succeeded in attracting several 10-billion yuan (US$1.45 billion) level programs and building fine works featuring Shanghai culture.

The blueprint released this time divides the 61-square-kilometer film city in the southern part of Songjiang into four areas, focusing on film art cultural activity center, film copyright trade, film industry incubators and leading film-related enterprises.

The supporting methods, on the other hand, encourage the growth of key companies, projects, public service platforms as well as upgrade and innovation in the sector.

Outstanding projects and scripts will be awarded.

In the bigger picture, technology will be the main tool for Songjiang to carry out the industrialization of the film industry.

The traditional film base in Chedun, for example, is going through an upgrade with a series of quality projects, including an advanced imagineering center, which will play a significant role in applying technology in filmmaking.

“The combination of film and technology is the trend of future film development,” said Shen Jianzhong, vice general manager of Haopu Film Base, which is constructing one of its film studios equipped with hi-tech lighting system that could save a lot of time and cost for producers.

As for gathering talent, Songjiang has institutes like the New York Film Academy – the Shanghai Vancouver Film School and the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts.

During the Shanghai International Film Festival, being held between June 15 and 24, main film shooting bases in the Yangtze River Delta also advocated setting up a service system and coordinated mechanism for the industry to pool resources and avoid homogeneous development.

Meanwhile, Songjiang will help boost the process and will keep an open mind towards the future and the world, said Zhao Yong, head of the district’s publicity department.