Food for thought: Introducing a robot chef

The world’s first Chinese food making robot was launched by the Songjiang-based Shanghai Aican Robot Co Ltd, drawing restaurant owners to line up to place orders.

Named “Weiba”, which means the one that dominates tastes, the robot is programmed with 800 courses covering different Chinese cooking style and each costs only three to five minutes to make.

“The taste is nothing different from a dish made by a human, only better,” commented a restaurant owner surnamed Yue, who was impressed after taking a bite of a traditional dish Mapo bean curd and could not wait to have a robot chef in his outlet.

The company is also confident about its product. “Good things do not need extra advertising,” said He Qing, president of Aican. He has every reason to be proud of its product.

He and two of his classmates had the idea of creating such a robot in 2008, which finally came to fruition and was presented at the China Hi-tech Fair in Shenzhen, southern Guangdong Province, last year.

Orders have flooded in and the manufacturing schedule has been set until the end of this year.

Apart from making tasty dishes and being efficient in cooking, “Weiba” is also environment-friendly. It releases no fumes during cooking and can automatically clean up the machine afterwards.

With its programmable feature, it can be used to make customized dishes as well.